Background of NRTS :-
The INC Initiated the pilot study for live nurses register in 2005-2006 in the State of Tamil Nadu. The primary objectives of the project was census i.e., to collect the data regarding number of working nurses as defined by INC (i.e., Nurse is a person who has completed prescribed course in the Nursing from an institution recognized by INC and registered herself/himself under the state nursing council as Nurse and midwife). This pilot project was done in the sivanganga district of tamil nadu. The stude found that there were only 266 qualified and registered nurses out of total of 841 surveyed.Being the apex body at the central level concerned with the nursing, Indian Nursing Council has to often respond to the parliamentary question regarding number of qualified nurses available in the country. Further the Indian Nursing Council Act, 1947 , envisages maintaining of register of Nurses/Midwives/Health visitors known as an INC.Consider above Indian nursing council felt the need of NRTS to address the following short comings.

  • Unavailability of accurate number of registered nurses/midwives in India
  • No live register
  • Duplication of names in State Nursing Councils database
  • Time consuming process of issuance of registration certificates
  • Lack of standard uniform application forms and procedures for registration among State Nursing Registration council across country
  • Multiple visits of nurses/ midwives to know to know their application status during reciprocal registration
  • Inadequate data in the State Nursing Registration Council
  • Fake Registration certificates
  • No tracking mechanism of nurses/ midwives
  • Verification of nurses only by respective State Nursing Registration Council.Registration, renewal, reciprocal registration etc. so that the Indian Nurses Register remains Live, Accurate and up to date. Further in the initial enumeration of data of Nurses also the active and wholehearted corporation of the State Nursing Registration Council for the successful completion of the enumeration.


NRTS is a Centralized Web based software with standardized forms for collection of data of registered Nurses after verifying their RN/RM number the collected data after verification by SNCs will be posted to the central pool which will hold the verified data of all live and Registered Nurses all over the country. This exercise will also eliminate duplicate registration. The software will also take care future registration of fresh nurses, reciprocal registration, online submission of application for registration etc. which will cut down the procedural delay considerably.

Thus the main objectives of NRTS will be

  • Identification of nurses / midwives with one unique number called NUID number.
  • Issuance of Nurse Passport comprising of complete history of nurse / midwives across country.
  • Online availability of data of active nurses/midwives across country.
  • Computerized Live Register for various categories of nurses.
  • Non-duplication of nurses / midwives data i.e., each nurse name will appear in only one State at any given time where they are working.
  • Standard application form and procedures.
  • Efficient service delivery mechanism.
  • Online verification mechanism by organism by organizations like teaching institutions/hospitals/clinics regarding registered and authentic nurse / midwife.


To facilitate the data verification and for running the NRTS for initial three years Indian Nursing Council provided the requisite software, hardware and manpower to the Manipur Nursing Council. The necessary training for installation and running of the application software also provided by Indian Nursing Council. Each registered Nurse will also be provided with the Nurses Unique Identity (NUID) Number. It is the responsibility of all the State Nurses Registration Council to follow the prescribed procedure and forms for registration, renewal, reciprocal registration etc. so that the Indian Nurses Register remains Live, Accurate and up to date. Further in the initial enumeration of data of Nurses also the active and wholehearted corporation of the State Nursing Registration Council is critical for the successful completion of the enumeration.
The Indian Nursing Council has installed the following kits:

  • Desktop: – 02 (Two)
  • UPS: – 02 (Two)
  • Laser Printer – 01 (One)
  • Passbook Printer – 01 (One)
  • Bio-metric – 02 (Two)
  • Web cam – 02 (Two)
  • CPU – 02 (Two)

The INC organised two days training programme on 25th and 26th June 2019 regarding NRTS project. The INC invited Resgistrar MNC with two staffs for the training, one from NRTS staff (INC) and another from Manipur Nursing Council.
Initiative Taken up For Implementation of NRTS in Manipur State


NRTS concerned for the Nurses Registration i.e. primary registration (both individual and bulk), renewal of registration, reciprocal registration, temporary registration of acquired additional qualification etc. The software is available to Manipur Nursing Registration Council for digitizing the old data in the nurses register as well as to standardize the same in a uniform format. This will also help for non-duplication of the nurses data available with the Manipur Nursing Registration Council resulting in unique and non-duplicate database across the country. Thus when the total system is operational, the different activities for the registration processes of nurses will become online i.e. primary registration, renewal of registration, reciprocal registration, registration of additional qualification etc. The registered nurse/ midwife will also be provided with a Nurse Unique Identity (NUID) number/card and a Nurse Register Pass Book which will be used for authentication and verification purposes. The Biometric authentication solution will be Aadhar based verification by becoming Authorized User Agency (AUA)/Sub-AUA of UIDAI.

The portal will be of immense benefit to all stakeholders viz., individual nurses, hospitals both public and private as well as strategic planners in health sector in the States, Centre and international organizations such as WHO etc. i.e.,

  • Facilitate stakeholders with requisite information regarding registered No. of registered Nurses state/district.
  • Make available the live data to man power planners in the country such as MOH&FW, NITI Aayog etc. to help in making strategic policy decisions.
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