Aims and Objectives of the council

The Manipur Nursing Council, 2005 is dedicated in sustaining various activities related to 

  • Registration of Nurses, Midwives, Auxiliary Nurses Midwives/Female Health Worker, Lady Health Visitors/Health Supervisors.
  • Maintenance of database of the persons practicing as Nurse, Auxiliary Nurse Midwives, Female Health Workers, Lady Health Visitors.
  • Restriction for enrollment in the registered list
  • Publication of notification for the registers and lists
  • Monitoring of issues and appeals of aggrieved persons related to recognition, affiliation and registration.
  • To conduct inspection and licensing of nursing institution in the state.

Mission & Vision of the council

  • To bring a quality in health care system through proper  practices of nurses in the state.
  • To improve the quality of nursing education and health care.
  • To enable the nurses, ANM/FHW, Midwives, Female Health Assistants to provide care to the patients by safe practices